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About Us

We started Looking at Sound to help people express their most precious memories in a fashion that is deeply personal, super elegant and everlasting.

Our customers use our platform to create many stories – A song that reminds them of someone, theme song of their favourite cartoon growing up, music that helped them get through a tough time, even the sound of their first car. Another thing our customers tell us – our artworks have also added beauty and style to their own personal surroundings and it often becomes the favourite corner of their house. 

We can’t wait to see what you’ll create. Thanks for stopping by.

Giving Back

Suniye is an incredible non-profit organization based out of New Delhi, India.
10% of all margins we make are donated to support individuals suffering from hearing impairments, with special focus on hearing impaired children.

India is currently home to over 15 million hearing impaired citizens. Suniye helps the hearing impaired acquire language, learn to talk, go to regular schools and become part of mainstream society. Suniye is managed by parents of hearing impaired children and assisted by speech therapists, audiologists, doctors, teachers and other professionals. 

What's next for us?

In a world where money can buy almost anything and people often take the easy route of gifting something cold, generic and impersonal, our focus is to discover and bring to you more ideas that can add significant value and spark happiness in yourself and your loved ones.
To that end, we’ll keep you front and center in our plans, and promise to give you a heads up and whenever we’re up to something new. Got a tip? Let us know –

Find our work interesting and want to join us? Drop us a note – and we’ll get on it right away.